Eggcellent Easter Time!

It’s the Easter holidays, which means trees are colourful, flowers are blooming and birds are chirping away (oh, and there’s also lots of cake and chocolate about!). This is a great time of year to engage all 5 of your child’s senses! We have come up with some ideas for developing speech and language skills through the senses, all whilst being outside!

  • Hearing! Create a list or collect some pictures of lots of things you might hear outside at this time of year. For example birds chirping, children playing outside, people mowing their lawn and sheep bleating. Then, go for a spring walk with your list, and ask your child to tell you when they can hear one of the sounds on the list. This is a great way of developing your child’s general listening skills and is fun and easy for everyone!
  • Seeing! There are endless questions you could ask your child about springtime outside. Work on developing their understanding of a range of questions by asking things like “what colour is this flower?”, “where is the sheep?”, “when can we fly a kite?”, “how many different colours of flowers can you see?”, “which tree is the tallest?”.
  • Smelling! There are all sorts of smells in the air at this time of year. Some of the best things to smell during Spring are flowers, garden soil, freshly cut grass and worms! Talk to your child about these smells, ask them whether they like the smell or not. Make a list of smells they do and don’t like! Something else that starts to be in the air at this time of year is the smell of barbecues, mmmm!
  • Touching! Time to get muddy! Get out in the garden and do some gardening together. Let your child get mucky fingers from the mud and touch worms! Make mud cakes and act out being bakers in a shop, which is full of language opportunities! Also, feel the rain on your face and the wind push against you!
  • Tasting! The yummy part! When the sun is out, find an ice cream van! Talk to your child about their ice cream, using descriptive words like cold, tasty, big! Ask them how it feels on their tongue and teeth! As well as ice creams, we’re sure you’ll be eating Easter Eggs too! These are also great for talking about different language concepts, such as “you’ve eaten half of the egg”, or in our case “the easter eggs have all gone!”

We hope you all enjoy the Easter break and have nice weather!

The Team @ Communicate  🙂