Communicate Excellence Award

Without the support from Teacher’s, Teaching Assistant’s and other education staff, the children we work with wouldn’t make nearly as much progress as they do! Because of this, we like to recognise the wonderful staff we are working with and a few years ago, we created the ‘Communicate Excellence’ award to demonstrate this recognition! Our team of therapists nominate staff members throughout the academic year and each term, we announce our termly winner! The winner is presented with a certificate, a voucher to use towards our training courses, as well as a fun prize! Here are some of our winners so far…

  • Karen Canham! “For always having such a positive and inspirational attitude towards all her work. She continues to support and develop the people around her about SLCN. She conscientiously takes on any challenge given to her and puts 17457907_1408789012497668_4208944882736013508_n100% of thought and effort into working with the children. Without Karen lots of children would not be progressing so well and becoming such confident communicators. Additionally, she always looks after me and others within the school SLT team and has the flexibility and kindness to help out with other SLCN interventions when needed.”


  • Emily Last! “Since 2013, Emily has been part of supporting the children with SLCN with COMMUNICATE. She has been involved with identifying appropriate children, running groups, working with individuals, supporting me as a therapis17637065_1408790665830836_7262352265788126988_ot, and making me feel welcome. She is always keen to learn more and has attended some of COMMUNICATE’s training. It is lovely working with someone who is so enthusiastic about Speech and Language Therapy, which results in improved outcomes from the children!


  • Mel Thomas! “In September 2015 we began implementing the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) with the young man Mel was supporting. She embraced it from the start and worked so hard to get the student using PECS on
    a daily basis, even spending hours of her own time making him his o17626240_1408790802497489_1522309174705688519_nwn PECS folder. The student now has an effective way of expressing himself thanks to Mel and the
    other staff in the class. I’m really grateful for Mel’s enthusiasm, and her dedication to the students she works with!”


  • Ruth Hatcher! “Ruth is The Early Years Lead and the Teacher of Ducklings, one of the Reception classes at Piper’s Vale. Ruth is an absolute joy to work with an17621788_1408789545830948_5150544652084235095_od has made me feel very much part of the Early Years Team. Collaboratively, we have provided “No Pens” days, as well as weekly Makaton sessions that work alongside the curriculum. Ruth is always keen to support the children on their speech and language targets within the classroom and actively seeks to make speech and language targets part of her classroom teaching!”


  • Donna Dowsing! “Donna works incredibly hard with all the children w17553835_1408790689164167_6325235737719068992_nith speech and language difficulties in her class. She only needs to be shown something once and then she carries out the therapy tasks and supports the children in cla
    ss and 1:1. She is bubbly and fun and the children love to work with her. She is a real asset to the school and to the children!”



With the summer term nominations now rolling in, be sure to look out for our next winner soon!

The Team @ Communicate! 🙂