Another daily diary!

09:00 Tuesday is a very busy morning for me so I’m straight into therapy. I see five children individually, working on a variety of targets from semantic links to final consonant deletion. Being adaptable is one of the most important aspects of being a speech and language therapist and was very important today as one of my children had achieved all their targets since my last session so some on the spot thinking was needed!

10:45 My lovely TA brings me a much needed cup of tea while I write my notes. The staff we get to work with are fabulous and really make such a difference when they follow up our targets through the week.

11:00 Two more children, both working on shape coding this time, though at different levels. I’ve just done a handover to the class teacher for one of the children about using shape coding in Literacy sessions to help support her. She excitedly tells me about using her shapes in class and it’s great to see her confidence growing.

12:00 Time to hop in my car to my next visit!

1:00 After a quick sandwich I see an individual child at school. I originally did sessions with her at home for a few months but now she’s started school I see her there instead. This means I know both mum and her teacher well which is excellent for collaborative working! She’s so pleased she’s been able to achieve her ‘t’ sound and can’t wait to show me. We have a fun hour playing games whilst working on our sounds.

2:00 Home time for me. I have the luxury of doing some admin from home on a Tuesday so take the chance to walk the dog while it’s still light.

2:30 Back from our walk I warm up with a cup of tea and work on an initial assessment report for a child I saw in school on Thursday. Though I don’t have space on my caseload for this child, I’m providing lots of strategies for the class teacher while he’s waiting for his NHS appointment.

3.15 Do some preparation for tomorrow’s sessions and look through some new resources our lovely assistant has made for me. It’s so useful to be able to get new resources that help keep the therapy interesting for the children and for me, there’s only so many times I can play pop up pirate! I also make some notes for a meeting I’m having with the SENCo tomorrow about plans for January. It’s going to be busy coordinating screenings, parent meetings, a student and a new TA! 

3:45 Finish off the day with a little planning for our next free parents group “Communicake”. This is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job as I love being able to meet with parents and immediately help them feel empowered about how they can help develop their child’s communication. The theme for the next group is going to be outer space so my next mission is to make a rocket ship! 

Keep an eye out for more daily diaries from our team!

Have a great Christmas!

The Team @ Communicate 🙂