Meet our SLT Student 2018!

We have a Speech and Language Therapy 3rd year Student joining us throughout the Spring Term. Chloe is completing her final placement from the University of East Anglia, before graduating to become a Speech and Language Therapist! Chloe will be predominantly based in our Ipswich schools with our therapist, Gemma.

We wanted to get to know Chloe a little better so we asked her some questions…Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 11.58.49

  • What made you interested in a career in Speech and Language Therapy? 

I originally did a degree in Psychology which I really enjoyed, and within that I did a module on speech and language development which really captured my interest. After I finished my psychology degree I went to work in the USA on a summer camp for children and adults with learning difficulties. During this time I accompanied the clients to Speech and language therapy sessions and it was here I saw the amazing, and very important support the speech and language therapists provided. I knew from that point that this was what I wanted to do.

  • Is there anything you have learnt during the degree which you weren’t expecting to? 

Before I started the speech and language therapy degree, I only had experience with children and adults with learning difficulties. Since studying I have discovered the huge range of individuals that speech and language therapists work with. I had some experience of therapy input focusing on speech sound difficulties, however I have really enjoyed discovering the vast range of language and communication assessments and intervention, including the social/ pragmatics side of development.

  • What other placement experiences have you had?

I completed an initial placement in my first year at a school, which was designed to increase my skills and confidence when communicating with children. This was part of the conversation partners module where I also spent time communicating with an individual who had Aphasia after a stroke. I also completed day placements where I gained experience in various hospital wards, in a special school setting and a community paediatrics role.  In my second year I completed a block placement at a specialist stroke ward in a hospital, where I was also able to experience an adult community setting alongside.

  • What are you looking forward to most about your placement with Communicate?

During my placement at Communicate, I am most looking forward to visiting a variety of schools and meeting a range of students, as well as working alongside the multi disciplinary staff team. I’m looking forward to new and exciting opportunities, and to learn from all the students and staff that I meet.

  • Which client group do you see yourself working with when you’ve finished your degree?

At present I have not decided which client group I would like to work with once I graduate. I have thoroughly enjoyed my placements and experiences so far which have all been very different. Because of this I am keeping an open mind, rather than limiting myself to certain areas and I am excited to gain new experiences during this placement to help with my decision making!

Chloe started her placement today and we wish her luck and hope she enjoys working with Communicate.

The Team @ Communicate! 🙂