SEND Show 2018!

When does a reluctance to talk become something that needs specific specialised support? This was the question posed at the training session delivered as part of the workshop programme at the AcornTree SEND Conference this year: “Too Shy to Speak?”


On Monday 18th June, Emma and Hannah attended the annual Acorn SEND Conference at Dunston Hall in Norfolk. This was our third year at the Conference, bringing an increasing number of people and some really great professionals for us to meet and network with.

As always, everyone was really friendly and it was a lovely opportunity to talk to people about the impact of speech and language difficulties on learning and wellbeing. The training session was really well received with people adding to existing knowledge, or increasing their understanding of “why” some children are unable to talk in particular situations but confident in others.

Hopefully, everyone took away some ideas about how to reduce pressure on children who are struggling to find their voices so that they can still be part of school activities and reduce their anxiety.

If you’re interested in finding out more about this training session, or about reluctant talkers, please contact our training lead Hannah (

The Team @ Communicate! 🙂


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