The Wonderful World of Instagram!

The team at Communicate are now on Instagram, and WOW, it’s amazing! It’s a goldmine of inspiring ideas and fantastic tips from enthusiastic therapists and educational staff, who we can tell love their jobs as much as us!

We know that as therapists, if we ourselves become bored of resources, it’s very likely that the children will too! So, every time we look on our newsfeed, we see some amazing, new therapy ideas which re-inspire us to get creative and keep our little ones motivated!

Although we have already got so many ideas from many of the accounts we are following on Instagram (thank you!!), we have been in touch with 5 of the favourite pages we follow to check we can share their pages with you. Whether you’re a Speech and Language Therapist, someone working in a nursery/school or a parent/carer, these pages will give you some amazing ideas!

  • The SLT Scrapbook! We love following this UK based page! The ideas Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 09.21.42that are shared on here not only look great for therapy, but also look great with their creative and colourful posts! The resources shared are low prep, so they can be great for last minute planning or passing on ideas to parents. The SLT Scrapbook also share inspiring quotes and facts which help get us through tough days!
  • Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 09.22.02speech_materialgirl! Wow! We love the ideas and resources shared on this page, especially the little flip books which have been made to work on all sorts of speech, language and communication skills, such as speech sounds, adjectives, ‘wh’ questions, categories and so on! As well as photos, they also share little video clips of their resources being used which is great.
  • Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 21.18.12monaesspeechhouse! This page provides so many fun activities using everyday games such as the Orchard Toys games which are great for therapy, in more ways than imaginable! The regular ‘SLP TIPS 101’ posts have provided us with some alternative ideas to our practice. For example, we loved the idea of using stamps to stamp the children’s hands and remind them to use their specific sounds throughout their day! We’ve tried this and the children love it (more so than a sticker!!).
  • adventuresinslp! Rebecca is an Australian SLP sharing fantastic ideas Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 16.48.21and adventures! As well as all the therapy ideas (especially the silly sentence activities!), we love the posts showing us this SLP’s adventures around the world! There’s also some cute ideas for using finger puppets to elicit sounds. Plus, Rebecca studied part of her Speech and Language Degree in the UK!
  • phoneticspeak! This page is a great way of staying fresh with all Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 21.26.11things phonetics! Every post and picture provides quotes using phonetic transcription. This is one of our favourites, can you work out what it says…..? /aɪ wɒnə biː ə ʃwɑː ɪts nevə strest/.

Be sure to check out some of these pages which we’re sure will inspire you as much as us. You can also follow our page to keep up to date with what the team are doing! (

The Team @ Communicate! 🙂